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Happy 40th Birthday, Ty Olsson!

10 years ago, Mr. Olsson blipped my radar on Battlestar Galactica 2004 as Captain Aaron Kelly; a husky cute guy. Captain Kelly’s character was sent to the brig and unseen for quite some time. When the show ended in 2009, the character was OUT of the brig - and Mr. Olsson had TRANSFORMED into a proper Mature Sexy Bear!

Since then, he has been seen in many major movies and TV including the infamous security guard of Magneto in X-Men. That husky cute bear who gets seduced by Mystique and in a bathroom stall is injected in the butt, injecting iron into his blood, allowing Magneto to escape his plastic prison. Turning 40 suits him extremely well. That is why he must be celebrated =)

Included are the many versions of Mr. Olsson over the years!

omg i had no idea………………………… tyolsson.tumblr.com !!!!!!!